Small Business News 2-10-2020

Small Business News 2-10-2020 @SmBizAmericaClick Here To Read Today's Small Business News

Published by SmBizOwners

SmBizOwners is an affiliate of SmBizAmerica™ SmBizAmerica™ was founded in 2012 to help American Small Business Owners with ideas, marketing and entrepreneurial leadership that promotes, strengthens and defends prosperity and success. Our advocacy and mission to Connect, Promote and Strengthen the current 28 million American small businesses remains the same. It led the way to our first goal of “ReBuilding American Small Business”. As we continue to succeed, at this time we are working to increase this number to grow over 35 million small businesses in America. Our 2019 slogan is : The Year of Small Business UNITY We want to thank you for your participation, continued interest and trust as we promote and defend the interest and security of American Small Business Owners and increase the opportunity for all American’s to own, operate and succeed in 2019! 2020 Is the year of Small Business Benefits! Check back often for the latest benefits!

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